Choosing a slingChoosing a sling

With so many slings to choose from, how do you know what is right for you? Below is a guide to the different types of slings that are available. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wrap Sling

A wrap sling is a simple piece of cloth wrapped around your waist and over both shoulders, it spreads your baby's weight over your shoulders, back and hips making it extremely confortable. With a little practice they are easy to wear. Stretchy wraps in particular can be tied on before 'popping' your baby in.

Wraps are perfect for kangaroo care. This is a practice recommended to parents of premature babies where the baby is held skin to skin. It is thought to promote weight gain and breastfeeding and is a superb way of bonding with your new baby.

Wraps are versatile and be worn in a number of different ways. With the baby in a cradle hold (lying down), tummy to tummy (facing you in a cuddling position), on your hip, or on your back. Please note, Kangarinos doesn't recommend a Moby wrap for back carries, a woven wrap such as Storchenweige is more suitable. As your baby gets older you may find a woven wrap more supportive.

Kangarinos offers:
Moby Wrap: a stretchy wrap ideal for preemies, newborns and younger babies.

Wrapsody BaliBaby Stretch Wrap: Considered to be a kind of 'hybrid' between a stretchy and a woven wrap. It still has plenty of stretch but can be used for babies weighing between 5lb and 35lbs.

Wrapsody Balibaby Breeze Wrap: A Gauze wrap that is very ligth and cool, perfect for use in summer.

Storchenwiege: Available in 4.6m or 5.2m A woven wrap that can be used for newborns right up to toddlers.



Ring Sling 
Ring slings are long pieces of fabric with two rings sewn into one end. The fabric is looped through the rings and worn over one shoulder. Pulling the fabric through the rings adjusts the size of the pouch and makes ring slings very easily adjustable. Ring slings can be used right from newborn up until toddlers, they fold small and can be popped in a bag or under a buggy when you go out!

Kangarinos offers:
Pouchling Ring Sling: With two different kinds of sling (plain and deluxe) and vibrant colours, these mother made slings are a beautiful addition to your baby wearing days.


Pouch Sling 

Pouch slings are essentially a 'pouch' of fabric worn over one shoulder that you lie or sit the baby in. They are a very quick carrier to put on and take off. They fold up small enough to be carried in a bag or under a buggy and are easy to care for. Some are padded which offers comfort on the legs for an older child, or helps adjust the sling in a younger child. They can also be unpadded which are preferred by some sling users as it makes the pouch more compact particularly when storing.

Kangarinos offers:
Slinglings Pouch Slings: All the way from America this very popular pouch comes in a variety of patterns and sizes. The range we stock includes both padded and unpadded pouches.


Softly Structured Carriers

Softly structured carriers are split into two categories:

Asian style carriers or mei tais (pronounced may ties) and buckle carriers.

Mei Tais 

A mei tai is a very popular style of carrier. As a updated version of a centuries old carrier design used in Asia, they often look similar to a more commercial carrier which adds to their appeal by combining looks and functionality. The waist and shoulder straps tie on so they are versatile, they are also often reversible making them suitable for both parents, plus they can used from birth.

Kangarinos offers:
The Kozy Carrier Mei Tai: designed by an American mum this carrier has comfortable padding and a range of patterns.


Buckle Carriers 

Buckle carriers are very similar to mei tais but fasten using buckles. The buckles can be adjusted so they can fit different sizes of people. They are particularly good for back carrys although they can be used on the front too (some need an infant insert to use from birth though). They are a popular and versatile carrier.

Kangarinos offers:
Rose And Rebellion Buckle Carrier: A range of funky designs, suitable from 3.5kg.

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