Sling Safety InformationSling Safety Information

Please read the following very carefully before using any slings or baby carriers. For more information please visit Baby Sling Safety.

Before each use check the baby carrier thoroughly, ensure the stitching is intact, all the components of the sling are in working order and that in your opinion the carrier is without fault. Read the instructions supplied carefully. When you first begin using your sling, or when attempting a new carrying position or tie, it is advisable to have a second person to assist. Plus practice over a bed or other soft surface until you feel comfortable. It is extremely important to ensure that your baby, particularly a newborn, is positioned correctly when worn in a carrier. Ensure that their face is uncovered, and that their chin is not pressed against their chest. Check on them reguarly and listen to their breathing, it should be regular and not too noisy (noisy breathing can be an indication of laboured breathing.). As long as you read the instructions provided, and are aware of the safety considerations your sling will provide a warm, loving and familiar place for your baby to be held close to you.

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